Learning from Others

Learning from Others

While we can learn a lot from watching someone climb a route, this is also about utilising modern online sources of information and your friends to gain an advantage over the routes you aspire to. At its most simple, watch someone climb a route, gives you a good idea as to how the route climbs and if you know the climber you will subconsciously assess your likelihood of success based on their efforts. However, we can also ask friend or even strangers via various internet forums and social media groups. Or we can look at things like the UKClimbing.com logbooks and read through comments on individual routes across the UK and the world. The UKC logbooks also have the option for ascentionist to log ‘beta’ for routes as well.

Associated with learning from others is the ethic of a true onsight versus beta flash ascents. It is down to the individual to decide where they stand on this ethical stance, however, having an honest approach to reporting the style of your ascent is to us the only issue.

We also look at how we can observe people to analyse their performance in order to learn as much as possible from it.

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