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Mon 18 Feb 2019

iCoach climbing is a coaching website for climbers and coaches, that has been developed by Snowdonia Mountain Guides coach Mark Reeves. The site is a resource for climbers and coaches, and it will grow with time, and new training protocols and other facilities will be added. Its first incarnation is a performance profiling facility and Activity Logbook that will help any climber identify there weakness. If used in conjunction with the the book 'How To Climb Harder' you will find some lessons and training tips you need to push your climbing to the next grade.


Having come from both a practical and academic coaching background, Mark has studied up to Master's level in Applied Sport Science and gained the Mountain Instructor qualification, part of this site has been designed with researching the coaching and training behaviours of climbers. The aim is to help further the understanding of coaching rock climbing. Whilst not related to a University any 'research' that uses human participants needs to have ethical considerations when designing and undergoing these experiments, as well as getting candidates Informed Consent.

Ethically, we beleive that the BMC participation statement should apply to all users of this website, where that statement is:

"The BMC recognise that climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for there own actions."

By registering for this service we assume that your consent has been given for both storing and using your data for any subsiquent research, and accept the BMC participation statement when it comes to using the tools on this site.

The Training Protocols

The training protocols have been designed with a precautionary principle in mind, and were designed by experienced coaches from the feild of climbing. If you have a problem with any of the suggested protocols or become injured during your training please stop training immediately and seek a diagnosis from an experience professional (Physio or Doctor). It is also important that you inform this site so we can add any data on injury as whilst we accept that when people are pushing themsleves to their limits climbinginjuries happen. By having a record of such injuries we can used that information to identify potentially dangerous training regimes if that protocol has a higher than average injury rate.


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