Amazon Book Store

In an attempt to monetise the site I have added an Amazon powered shopped packed full of all sorts of climbing and coaching related books. So I have gone for a partnership with amazon option, you get the same great prices and iCoach gets a small amount of money to help towards development costs. Visit our Amazon.


iOS/Andriod App

I have been busy learning how to make a faux app that will allow you to store some pages offline and log your climbing when at the climbing wall. I hope that it will be ready for a test in a month or so. I want to charge £2 to access this when I get it up and running. Would you pay that and would you use the facility? Get in touch via the Contact page


Temporary Coaching Wiki

I have added a mediawiki driven coaching wiki. It is currently in a temporary place until I get round to regigging the site. There is not much on there at the moment but you can sign up and add stuff if you are a coach. I have started putting a couple of entries in for Mental Skills, and hope that others add articles based on their areas of expertise. More later on this.


Climbing Hacks Magazine Beta

I spent today watching the rugby albeit in the background as I was more focused on trying to hack some code to make the global climbing news section of iCoach more like flipboard so found a Jquery library and hacked it up a bit. I am still struggling with getting the photos to do what I want but it is getting there. The beta version in over in the news section.


Performance Profile Graph Online

I have implimented the graphs for comparing your performance profiles.


New Performance Profile Graph

In my attempt to make iCoach a more visually easy to understand I have been working on these performance profile graphs that show your last two paired Profiles against your ideal. Hopefully it will help you see the improvements. I will impliment them next week as I have some work this weekend.


iCoach Charity Support

iCoach developer has been so moved with the efforts of Climber's Against Cancer, that he decided to offer as much support as possible. To start with we have added some CAC banners to the site.


New Slicker Logging

I have managed to change the logging facility so you can now add routes and boulder problems on the same page. It is just a slightly slicker system than before.


Graphs for Profile

I have been busy today putting together some simple graphs to replace some of the tables on the profile pages. These only currently work when you have started to log your training sessions. Hopefully it makes the information more visually understandable.


Browser Advice

It seems I haven't sorted the Internet Explorer Issues out. As such I am recommending that you install Firefox or Google Chrome to get the best experience of the site.


Some possible Advertisers

I recently sent out some mail shots to see if any manufacturers or outdoor business wanted some free advertising on iCoach Climbing in bid to get some reciprical advertising. I think I have a couple coming on board soon one has a great 20% off offer. Behind the scenes I am busy planning for the next big stage which is way more complex than what has come before and quite exciting if it works out.


Coaching Functions

I have coded up several coaching functions. These include a registration process, when registrered you can add clients to your profile, manage clients by viewing the data they have from their profiles, create coaching groups, manage those coaching groups and add session to the whole group. We have also produced a iCoach ethos for coaches to sign up to and a child protection policy.


Global Climbing News Page

Want to keep up with the latest climbing news from around the world, well you can with our dynamic news channel. Click the Global Climbing News link at the top of page or in the sidebar, and you get the latest posts from over 100 blog feeds from the last 24 hours. All linked to the originators of the news item.


Browser Advice

I checked out the site on Internet Explorer the other day and some of the links don't display. Sadly I don't have the resources to get a PC to check the site at the moment, but I do regularly check it on Safari (Mac), Firefox and Chrome. Firefox and Chrome are free downloads search google for them.


New Video Tutorials

These new video tutorials are aimed at helping you to get more out of the iCoach facilities. They include how to use the performance profile, coaching library, training logging, profile page, the coaching logbook and advertisers pages. iCoach Video Tutorials.


We now have 100 users

A minor milestone I hope, today iCoach reached 100 registered users. Please like or share iCoach on Facebook or Twitter to help the site grow from strength to stregnth.


Recommended Reading

Having made the start of the Library last week. I have now successfully link that to the five Training focus attributes your monthly performance profile brings up. Essentially giving you a list of recommended reading. As time I will add a voting function to library later, allowing you to see the most read and voted for articles on the web.


MLT Online Logbook Function

Having made the imput functions with Top Tips for filling in your Mountain Training Logbooks a few weeks back, I coded up the output function today. At the moment you can cut and paste the dynamic tables into a word document and get a great looking logbook that you can update online. No more hunting around for your logbook, all you need is the internet!


New Coaching library

We now have the start of a coaching library. The library has a submissions poage where articles can be added to the library. The articles will be moderated, but anyone can add them, if you look at the topics, categories and tag, especially the ones that link to the performance profiling attributes as these will link to performance profile.


Facebook Login

I have managed to hack the Facebook API (Application Interface), so know if you have set the same First Name, Last Name and Email in both facebook and icoach you can now enter the site by clicking on the login in with facebook link on the login page. Hopefully I will intergrate some more facebook features at a later date, and maybe try and get the javascipt button to work where the link currently


Advertiser's Pages ready

In order to try and help market this site we have set up a advertisers page where you can register as a advertiser and run up to four banners. Initially these are free, although i return we are asking that you make one news item post on your company blog, facebook page and twitter account. The advert remains free until 1/1/2013


New Coaching Logbook Facility

I have added a facility for coaches and instructors to maintain their logbook on the site, for the time being it is available to all. You will need to register as a coach before long.


Profile update

New iCoach site has a dedicated profile page with many facilities, including training focus, comparing previous session and performance profiles.


New site

This is the new home of iCoach climbing, it will continue to develop over the summer and I plan to launch it in the september when the indoor season starts.