Coaches Pages

At present we are developing these pages as they come on line we will start excepting requests for coaching status. If you would like to register interest in becoming a coach then please email the site developer here. We are also keen to hear your thoughts on what you'd like to see in terms of functions. At present we are going to add some of the following features:

    Maintain a personal/professional logbook
    Review clients performance profile data
    Add training sesssion data to clients logbook
    Review performance trends and training sessions details
    Manage a number of clients
    Create a training program for the coming week/month

In order to use these facilities as a coach it will initially be free of charge for at least the first three months, after that we are likely to charge an annual fee based on the number of clients you are coaching. We don't expect this to be excessive, however in order to generate income from this site we simply have to have charge for its use by professional and qualified coaches.

Who Can Apply for Coaching Status?

In order to gain coaching status on this site you need to provide JPEG scans of your qualifications and your most recent eCRB form. If you have only been assessed 'in-house' to teach climbing at a local wall we will need JPEG scans of the documentation and an email from the Centre Manager. We require this information to help us maintain some quality assurance in the coaches that offer their services here. The way the site will work will not allow you to canvas clients from our users base. Instead it is aimed at you the coach offering this service to your existing clients.