Advertisers Pages

Hello and welcome to iCoach Climbings advertisers pages. This will be the place to come for advertisers to update there banners adverts for the site. In the initial stages of the sites development we are keen to get as many advertising partners as possible. In order to do so we are keen to have you come on board free of charge with up to four banner adverts running at any one time. This free trial period will last for the first 6 month initially, and based on the user numbers and advert impressions we will then review the arrangement.

We say free, but what we are after is a some form of link from either your company news pages or blog. We appreciate that there are many climbing media site appearing across the internet and hope to attract as many climbers as possible by creating a web-based trainign app for climbing. In order to do that we need to create some advertising buzz and thats where the 6 month free trial comes in. Where in return for your creating a news item we give you 6 months free.

At present we only have the facilities to show you the number of banner impressions your adverts have across the site. Across the internet in general a conservative average click through rate is approximately 0.001% for banner advertising. We will not be developing the click through rate for banner adverts unless the site starts to generate a steady income from our advertising partners. If you'd like to know more then please get in contact with the Mark Reeves the site developer.

We would also like to start reviewing equipment that maybe of interest to our users who are keen climbers with a focus on indoor climbing. If you feel review of your equipment would be on use to your company then use the contact above to get our mailing address. In return for equipment we will offer a standard review with links to your website.