Welcome to the iCoach Climbing Library

Mon 18 Feb 2019

The iCoach library aims to be the top repository of links to artilces, videos and books that are related to training for or coaching climbing. It has been designed specifically to fulfill the aim of providing the iCoach User a growing database of knowledge that will be of great use to climbers, coaches and instructors. iCoach founder has started the ball rolling by setting up a database which organises the link in a systematic way. More than that though the respository is open source like all the facilities here and can be updated by YOU the end users.

Whilst we have gotten the ball rolling we need your help to crowd source as many links to climbing media related to coaching climbing. We have provided a form through which you can create new links to articles anywhere online. In the future we hope to be able to commission our own work in this feild, but for the time being we are hoping to link to as many sources as possible. As such the whole iCoach community are both custodians and curators of this resource and we hope that you enjoy engaing with this resource.

How Does it Work?

In order to integrate with the performance profiling section each link has to be given a general topic. These include:

    Training, Mental Skills, Technique, Safety, Coaching and General

Each of these is then subdivided into what we are calling categories that are specific to each topic. There are many more categories than topics. Alongside this we also a general tag from a,list. The final stage is perhaps the most important, as we also add a Performance Profile Tag this associates the link with a specific attribute from the Performance Profiling process. This means those article that are of relevance to your training focus to the month will automatically be sorted for you.

The final thing is to rate the resource and give a comment. We have decided on the follow rating system based on user value.

    Bad - The article is old, out dated and potentially bad to follow.
    Poor - The article is not bad but not neccessarily worth a read.
    OK - The article is reasonable and potentially worth a read.
    Good - The article is engaging and useful, and recommneded to other users.
    Excellent - The article is a must read.

Finally for all the coaches who might want to use the service in combination with their coaching logbooks, each article will eventually have a log as read function which takes you to a form to enter that article into your reading and research logbook.

Have a Browse

Perhaps the easiest way to get a feel for the systems is to have a browse round and see what articles take your interest, and how each article is rated. Again eventually if enough people start to use the system we will be able to sort the articles by number of reads and average scores making the resource more refined for you needs.