Welcome to iCoach Climbing Courses

Thu 24 Jan 2019

iCoach Climbing is a great web application to help with your training, however their is no substitute for real face to face contact with a coach so they can assess your needs thoroughly and then design and impliment a course specific to your needs. That is just what these iCoach rock climbing courses are about bespoke, highly tailored and high quality rock climbing courses. On every course our coaches will look at where your at and use thier years of experience and judgement to hand pick routes that will help you develop new skills and techniques to climb more challenging routes. All of our coaches are not only MIA (Mountain Instructor Award) holders, but highly experience coaches and climbers who have climbed at least E5 and F7a. iCoach Climbing is part of Snowdonia Mountain Guides and is run by Mark Reeves author of the highly praised self coaching book How To Climb Harder

Rock Climbing Courses Overview

Intro To Rock Climbing - 2/5 days - Teaching you basics skills and maybe even your first trad lead climb.

Lead Climb Coaching - 2/5 days - If you already lead and want coaching to push a new grade.

Intro to Sports Climbing Courses - 2/5 days - A sports climbing course either in North Wales or Swanage/Portland.

How to Climb Harder Course - 2/5days - A holisitic course looking at technique, tactics and mental skills.

Sea Cliff Climbing Course - 2/5 days - A tour of some of Wales finest sea cliff climbs.

Rope Rescue for Rock Climbing - 2 days - How to avoiding common mistakes and basic rescue techniques.

How to Big Wall Climb - 2 day - We take you from zero to big wall hero in 2 days.

Continuing Professional Development Course for coaches


As well as skills courses for climber iCoach also runs some Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses for rock climbing instructors and coaches. All courses are designed by Mark Reeves a climbign coach with 17 years experience and a MSc in Applied Sports Science (Effective Coaching, Sport Psychology and Performance Physiology). As such these courses are based on years of working as a practical coach as well as informed through scientific academic studies into coaching and climbing.

Effective Coaching Workshop - 1 day - A workshop of skill acquisition for climbing instructors.

Developing Young Climbers - 1 day - A workshop on the long-term development of young climbers.

Effective Coaching Workshop - 1 day - A workshop on teaching efficient climbing movement.

Mental Skills Workshop for Instructors - 1 day - A workshop on developing mental skill for rock climbing coaches

Part Time Fast Track Instructor Course - 40 days - A part time fast track course for mountain based instructing.