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The iCoach Climbing Ethos

First and foremost the iCoach Climbing ethos is based on the fact that climbing should be fun for all involved. Whilst we accept that some climbers being coached are striving to become the very best they can be and compete in local, regional, national or international competition, it should be that persons choice to do so. With young people that choice can be influenced by from pressure from peers, parents and even coaches. Coaches should be aware of this and try to minimise psychological pressure on a child.

Climbing has the amazing possibility to become what the government sees as a 'Sport for Life', in that the skills we teach someone starting out climbing can follow them through to becoming independent rock climbers both indoor and outdoors. As such the iCoach ethos is about promoting a holistic array of skills and techniques that can help climbers move from indoors to outdoors. This is reflected in our Open Source Climbing Awards or OSCA's.

To achieve this we hope that this introduction to our ethos will help frame the context that the site was developed for. Above all we want all coaches using the facility to promote good and safe practice to ensure the safety and well being of all the people they teach to climb.

Key points

    Climbing should be fun.
    Competitive Climbing should be an individual's choice.
    Consider the long-term benefits of teaching a range of climbing skills.
    Consider the potential long-term harm from certain type of training in young people.
    Both the physical and mental well being of climbers should be of prime importance.

By accepting the iCoach Climbing ethos, we expect you to consider these things at all times. Most Coaches and instructors will do this as a matter of course and as part of our commitment to YOU as a coach we plan to offer professional development course to help you fulfil these aims.