Coaches Registration

The coaching pages are starting to come together and whilst the coaching logbook have been available for some time, a way in which to manage clients and groups has been under development until August 2012, when we finally got the initial system onine. There are several functions at present with more to come in the future that will hopefully help you train and monitor young and old climbers alike. If you'd like to find out more about these development then please contact the iCoach Climbing developer. We are also keen to hear your thoughts on what you'd like to see in terms of functions. At present you can do the following.

    Maintain a personal/professional logbook - This will always remain a FREE service.
    Register as a Coach - Initially FREE as pilot
    Manage any number of clients
    Request clients who you work with to be overseen by YOU
    Review clients performance profile data and find training ideas through our Coaching Library.
    Review clients training logbook data
    Review clients performance profile data
    Create Coaching Groups from your clients
    Add training sesssion data to a whole group

In order to use these facilities as a coach it will initially be free of charge for at least the first three months, after that we are likely to charge an annual fee of £10 for a coach or £100 for a entire centre. We have to charge this due to the cost of processing your application as some details have to be checked manually. However in the main the registration process is fully automated.

Future Development for Coahces

In the pipeline for coaches we have a couple of plans the first is to make it possible for you to add logbook sessions to you clients individually, rather than as a group. The second is to develop an Open Source Climbing Award or OSCA. We have already start work on the first awards, all of which are designed with attaining as many curriculum areas of Keystages 3 & 4 of the National Curriculum as possible and focus's on physical education criteria, however we also pull in areas where 'Learning Outside the Classroom' can be applied to a variety of subjects from science, history and english. If you are a teacher, climbing wall manager or outdoor educationist and would like to find out more then please contact us

Who Can Apply for Coaching Status?

In order to gain coaching status on this site you need to provide JPEG scans of your qualifications and your most recent eCRB form. If you have only been assessed 'in-house' to teach climbing at a local wall we will need JPEG scans of the documentation and an email from the Centre Manager. We require this information to help us maintain some quality assurance in the coaches that offer their services here. The way the site will work will not allow you to canvas clients from our users base. Instead it is aimed at you the coach offering this service to your existing clients.

The Registration Process

We are in the early stages of utilising this site for coaches, and no similar facility is in existence as such we are trying to set the bar high to ensure the highest quality coaching and instruction for everyone. To this end the process is split into stages.

    Stage 1 - Register as a iCoach User - You Get access to all Coaching logbooks
    Stage 2 - Fill in Application for Coaching Status
    Stage 3 - Email us your certificates and the name and work email of someone you have work for with children
    Stage 4 - Read and agree to the coaches iCoach Ethos
    Stage 5 - Read and complete online Child and Vulnerable Adults Protection Course
    Stage 6 - Final Verification is the manual checking of your Certs (allow up to 2 weeks)
    Stage 7 - Happy Coaching