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Fri 19 Jul 2019

At iCoach Climbing we hope to develop the site into a fully functioning DIY coaching facility and more. We aim to be the go to resource for climbers, coaches and coach mentors with features for everyone from children to adults. Designed by an experience coach with an MSc in Applied Sports Science this site is more than just a training tool, but potentially a wealth of training data for future research into both training and coaching behaviours.

What we are looking for is help from corperate sponsors, who would like the oppotunity to push there brand through banner advertising on a site dedicated to climbing. At first it won't cost you a penny, as we are running free advertising until 28/2/2013. However in order to get the advertising we ask that publish one news item on your company blog, company facebook page and company twitter account. 3 posts for over 3 three months advertising.


So What Does iCoach Climbing Do?

  • Climbing Profile - Here we collect some demographic information on you and your climbing
  • Performance Profiling - A scientific goal setting process that finds five training areas for the next month
  • Activity Log - Record Training and Climbing Activities
  • Profile - Compare Past and Present trends from you Activity Log and Performance Profiles
  • Facilities for Coaches and Instructors Log coaching Sessions - In development

There are more developments planned, for an up to date overview please visit the main home page.

How Do you Sign Up

You need to visit the registration page and register your company, before then logging in. When logged in you'll be able to add a company logo, that will display on the supporters page along with a brief description of what it is your company does. You'll also be able to add and update you Banner adverts, running a maximum of 4 banners at anyone time (Two Top Bar Banners - 728 x 90 pixels and Two Side Bar Banners - 160 x 600 pixels).With a maximum file size of 65kb