Welcome to iCoach Climbing

Mon 18 Feb 2019

At iCoach Climbing we hope to develop the site into a fully functioning DIY coaching facility and more. We aim to be the go to resource for climbers, coaches and coach mentors with features for everyone from children to adults. Designed by an experience coach with an MSc in Applied Sports Science this site is more than just a training tool, but potentially a wealth of training data for future research into both training and coaching behaviours.

What we are looking for is help from corporate sponsors, who would like the oppotunity to push their brand through banner advertising on a site dedicated to climbing. At first it won't cost you a penny, as we are running free advertising until 28/2/2013. However in order to get the advertising we ask that publish one news item on your company blog, company facebook page and company twitter account. 3 posts for over 3 three months advertising.

So What Does iCoach Climbing Do?

  • Climbing Profile - Here we collect some demographic information on you and your climbing
  • Performance Profiling - A scientific goal setting process that finds five training areas for the next month
  • Activity Log - Record Training and Climbing Activities
  • Profile - Compare Past and Present trends from you Activity Log and Performance Profiles
  • Facilities for Coaches and Instructors Log coaching Sessions - In development

There are more developments planned, for an up to date overview please visit the main home page.

Climbing Performance Profiling

This is a multistage process that takes a few minutes to complete, it ends up with a completely individualised list of five areas that you need to focus on in order to make the best improvements to your climbing over the coming 4 weeks. It was originally developed by sports scientists to help train elite athletes in a variety of sports. iCoach has automated process has been specifically for all types of rock climbing. After a month the system will let you re-evaluate your scores, and then display your perceived performance trends. After which you are allowed to start the process from scratch again to find another five areas to focus on for the month ahead.

Activity Log

This is a facility that allows you to log all your training be it indoor climbing training, Outdoor rock climbing, cross training or mental skills training. Again once you have started to log your activities the profile page will display your latest set of averages, and then compare that result to the average over the previous fortnight. Those previous fortnight scores are then compared to the previous 4 weeks. The results show the avergage grade rounded to the nearest grade, and absolute figures based on the grades given a decimal score. The output shows trends in your overall performance on the profile page. We also encourage you to use something we refer to as PRE. This Perceived Rate of Exertion is score out of five and whilst oyu want your grade to increase you want your PRE to decrease. This is explained further in a link from the profile page. You can also visit the Performance Trends page where you can manipulate the data in many more ways to look for improvement.

Profile Page

This is where you can go for an overview of your performance. It features several tables from the five performance area for the month, to an overview of your logged training session right and the latest scores from paired performance profiles. Showing you trends. The idea is that in order to stay motivated most people like to feel that they are improving steadily. Breaking through a new grade though can take time, if you take the the time to record your sessions then these trends may well help you stay more motivated as they will show smaller improvements in performance than is detectable from grade alone.

Automated Training Programs

These are still under development, however we anticipate that at some point in the future we will have a designed a algorythm that will be based on both your the result of your preformance profile and your last logged session. Automatically adding an element of overload everytime you climb. As soon as we get it ready we will let you know.

Coaching facilities

These are still under development, however we anticipate that by the coming Autumn we will have them up and running. Initially we expect to have a way that individual climbers who work with a coach already, and they would like a easier way to monitor performance. As such the coach will be able to login and view their clients data or even enter it for them. After an initial 6 months free trial period the site will start charging for coaches to use this facility, however an individual climber can use them for free. Similarly we expect to have the coaching/instruction logbook facilities up and running by that time as we are hoping to encourage coaches to mentor others, and Snowdonia Mountain Guides head coach is planning on using this facilities for both mentoring instructors/coaches and to help run a Part-Time Fast-Track Instructor Scheme in 2013

To maintain a level of quality assurance on the coaches on this site you will need to apply via email with your qualifications and experience.


The best part of the iCoach is that it is going to be free for all individual climbers. However for coaches there will be charges after an initial 3 month trial period for monitoring existing clients. How we set up coaching on this site is still under debate, whilst I expect that coaches will charge for their time monitoring you training we have yet to decide on a reasonable rate for them to charge and may well allow an organic structure to develop. Abuses of the system should be reported and will dealt with by banning individuals or coaches.

As mentioned above the coaches will have to pay an annual fee to monitor clients this will be based on the number of clients you train. Similarly the developer of this site anticipates that when the new coaching awards are released by Mountain Training UK that some trainee coaches will need mentors. When this time comes this site will offer coach mentoring, initially through the developer a highly qualified coach. Dependent on demand that may lead to other qualified coaches being allowed to apply to use these facilities to mentor trainee coaches.